Agile Application Lab Workshop 1 day

About this course

“Agile” is all the buzz at the moment, but what does Agile actually mean when it comes to the practice of managing a project? This one-day fully-facilitated workshop shows you. You experience 'hands-on' working in an Agile team to build a solution to customer requirements and explore the cultural impact, adoptions, strategies and different forms of Agile.

Who is it for?

Anyone likely to manage or be involved in a project run the Agile way.  Those wanting a clear, practical understanding of Agile differences compared with conventional project management.

This workshop is designed for:

• Senior managers and those considering adopting Agile approaches

• Project managers, team leaders, and anyone about to be involved in an Agile project

• Quality managers and contract managers where Agile solutions are being outsourced

• Business analysts and solutions developers

• Product owners

What is included?

All our materials are graphically designed using Richard E Mayer’s proven principles for multimedia learning. Our design philosophy has a focus on the learner at all times and we are constantly developing, revising and refining course and delegate materials in response to client and trainer feedback.

  • Stationery (A4 note-pad, highlighters, pens)

  • Folder containing workshop notes and references

  • Delegate self-assessment questionnaire


Pre-event preparation

No advance preparation is necessary for this workshop although some previous experience of prioject and / or programme management would be helpful.


“This was a good 'in a nutshell' introduction to Agile. The sessions were well planned and facilitated with plenty of opportunity to reflect and discuss things. I particularly liked the agile approach to knowledge sharing/training. It brought the subject to life”.

"An excellent overview of agile also useful for people that are not necessarily project or programme management experts".

"It provided a good oversight into the techniques, tools and comparisons to the waterfall approach. These were demonstrated through both the case study and the exercise which brings the theory to life. The pace of the workshop was good, holding my attention until the end and Trello is a revelation!"

“From a relatively short input I have learned the basics of a different approach to my workload (useful in my private life too!)  I can think of lots of places where I can explore this further”.


By the end of this workshop you will know how it feels to work as part of an Agile project team. You will sense the urgency, and see those opportunities where an Agile approach might be valuable and appropriate.


• Agile compared to waterfall lifecycles

• Key roles and artefacts commonly used in Agile

• Prioritization, Timeboxing, and dealing with fixed time and cost budgets

• Simple techniques that improve communications between developers and the business

• Experience of being part of a self-managed and organised team as they build to customer requirements

• Simulated Agile iterations

• How to use Agile thinking in internal business development with Lean Startup


There is no formal examination in this workshop.

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