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With Patrick Mayfield’s acclaimed book "Practical People Engagement: Leading Change through the Power of Relationships", as the source reference, this fully accredited course helps candidates explore and develop the core competence area of identifying, influencing and leading key stakeholders. Certification will help candidates:-

•  Drive results and benefits through effective collaboration

•  Improve communication and influencing skills

•  Prioritise time and organise resources effectively

•  Generate buy-in and cooperation from key stakeholders

•  Remove obstacles to progress and success

•  Draw on a range of experience and techniques for influencing people

•  Develop a reputation as a key player and influencer

Effective stakeholder engagement (particularly social skills and the ability to influence others) has long been regarded as crucial in achieving positive outcomes and driving benefits through investment in change. Pearcemayfield's Stakeholder Engagement course treats this area of competence as central to what constitutes a high performer.

Who is it for?

Project and programme managers; change agents who need to lead, shape and achieve positive outcomes from change; change managers; business analysts.

Any team member or manager who needs to identify, influence and lead key people and groups.

What is included?

All our materials are graphically designed using Richard E Mayer’s proven principles for multimedia learning. Our design philosophy has a focus on the learner at all times and we are constantly developing, revising and refining course and delegate materials in response to client and trainer feedback

Materials for this course are designed by the author of the textbook, Patrick Mayfield who has developed, revised and adjusted this material over many stakeholder engagement courses, workshops and assignments.

Stationery (A4 note-pad, highlighters, pens)
Your personal copy of Practical People Engagement to mark and tab as you wish
Folder containing course notes and references with syllabus, and candidate exam guidance as required
Pre-course workbook as appropriate
Examinations for accredited courses
Full joining instructions, venue map and directions
Refreshments and lunches are included for non-residential delegates.
A fully residential option is also available at our Oxford venue with study bedroom ensuite, breakfast and dinner

Pre-event preparation

Included in the registration fee is the course textbook, "Practical People Engagement: Leading Change through the Power of Relationships".

This is sent to delegates in advance together with a pre-course workbook. Although not absolutely necessary, delegates /candidates who complete this workbook before the course begins will find the whole experience much more comfortable and enjoyable.


"I got a lot from the course and really enjoyed it. I got the practical tools out of the workshop which were my aim (user story!) and I'm already starting to use them! It was also very useful to do the course  and use as part of my onboarding onto the program I'm running! Thank you! I will (and have already) recommend to others." - Marie Hooper - Elsevier

“This is the perfect course for any project or programme management professional who should have always have a strategy and a plan for engaging with their clients, teams,users and suppliers. It compliments the other methods and goes into just sufficient depth to remain practical and without being overly theoretical.”  Training Consultant - Norway

"In this age of technology overload it is refreshing to re-focus on what makes the greatest difference: human relationships.  This book offers a wealth of guidance and techniques for all change agents, significantly enhancing existing methodologies. A truly valuable resource" - Nathalie Collister, Chief Examiner for Stakeholder Engagement, APMG Internationa

"The course was informative and whilst I have attended other such course on this subject and have a lot of experiences of practical people-to-people interactions I can always be taught a new trick ! I do feel that a three day gathering of our team was by far the most productive part though.

Being able to observe the interactions of the various characters and to listen to their stories. I learned far more about the people in that room who I work with most in just three days than I could have in three years. And I was surprised at some of what emerged, which has empowered me and others no doubt.

Thanks, I hope we do this on amore regular basis, it’s been good." Delegate, February 2016


As a strategic qualification mastery of Stakeholder Engagement will:

Help to develop a core change competence

Put other knowledge and skill areas into context

Equip individuals and teams to reduce waste and delay, whilst generating buy-in and cooperation for strategic change

For the individual this qualification will help assist with:

Improving communication and influencing skills

Prioritisation of time and other scarce resources

Mobilising a team

Removing obstacles to personal progress

Developing a reputation for being a key player.


This 3 day Foundation level course has been personally designed by the author of  "Practical People Engagement: Leading Change through the Power of Relationships", Patrick Mayfield. This gives the course material a unique insight into the essence of this important topic.

The content-rich course includes:

The foundations of good stakeholder engagement, including the seven principles

The five themes evident throughout effective engagement

The five steps in the engagement pathway

A wide range of techniques and practices throughout

... and much, much more!


The purpose of the Foundation qualification is to confirm that a candidate has sufficient knowledge and understanding of the Practical People Engagement guidance to work as an informed member of a team involved in delivering a change initiative, whether that be through a project or programme.

Exam format:

Multiple choice format

50 questions per paper

25 marks or more required to pass (out of 50 available) - 50%

40 minutes duration

Closed book

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