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MSP® Foundation and Practitioner course impart knowledge of MSP® principles, governance themes and transformational flows. MSP® Foundation course that enables the delegates to break the organisational structure into smaller and more manageable sizes for implementing best practices in program management. MSP® Practitioner course includes techniques needed to manage programmes by using MSP® processes, principles, methodologies and transformational flow. This training introduces MSP® framework which helps the delegates to manage successful programmes within the organisation for avoiding the pitfalls and achieving their goals.

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    Identify the key principles and processes used in MSP® Foundation

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    Learn how to use gained skills in managing projects for effective output

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    Improve the earning potential by getting certified in MSP® Foundation

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    Determine MSP® Principles, MSP® Governance themes and MSP® Transformational flow

MSP® Foundation

MSP® Foundation course doesn’t require any specific qualification but having experience of the environment of project management can be beneficial.

MSP® Practitioner

MSP® Practitioner is next step after MSP® Foundation so the professionals who want to attend this course must be MSP® Foundation holder.

  • Business Change Managers (BCMs)
  • Senior Responsible Owners (SRO's)
  • Project delivery team members
  • Senior project managers
  • Program managers
  • Portfolio and Program Management Office managers
  • Business change managers
  • Programme office staff (PMO)
  • The professionals who are involved in task of planning, designing and implementing the organisational programs
  • The parties or stakeholders who are interested in the program
  • Individuals who want to attain programme management certification can attend this course
  • Anyone who wants to enhance their knowledge regarding programme management

Exam(s) included


Key Learning Points


Tutor Support



Identify and implement MSP® principles, processes and governance themes for managing the organisational programs effectively

Get to know about various benefits of using well-structured approach for managing a project

Align projects with the concepts of MSP®

Enhance competence which allows the delegates to deliver successful organisational projects

Accomplish the strategic objectives of the organisation

Learn to control and manage programs successfully

Identify the use and implementation process of program management framework within the organisation.

Course Overview

The aim of the course is to make sure that the delegates have got enough skills and knowledge required to interact effectively with a coworker in program management. MSP® defines the roles and responsibilities needed to lead the project management team. Acquire the skills and knowledge to perform managing task within the project of the organisation effectively. MSP® framework is based on the following three core concepts:

  • MSP® Principles
  • MSP® Governance Themes
  • MSP® Transformational Flow


MSP® Foundation

  • Multiple choice questions
  • 75 questions per paper
  • Each question contains 1 marks
  • 50% marks are needed to clear the exam,e. 35 out of 70
  • Exam Duration- 60 minutes
  • Closed book exam

MSP® Practitioner

  • Objective type exam with 8 questions per paper
  • Total 80 marks
  • 50% marks needed to clear the exam
  • Exam Duration- 2 hr 30 min
  • Open book exam

Course Content

Section 1

  • Introduction to Program
  • Scope and Objective
  • Key Principles used in Program Management
  • MSP® structure and philosophy

Section 2

  • MSP Principles
  • Remaining aligned with corporate strategy
  • Leading change
  • Envisioning and communicating a better future
  • Focusing on the benefits and threats to them
  • Adding value
  • Designing and delivering a coherent capability
  • Learning from experience
  • Governance Themes
  • Risk Management and Issue Resolution
  • Quality Management
  • Organisation
  • Vision
  • Blueprint Design and Delivery
  • Programme Planning and Control
  • The Business Case
  • Leadership and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Benefits Realisation Management

Section 3

  • Transformational Flow
  • Identify Program
  • Define Program
  • Manage the Trenches
  • Deliver the Capability
  • Realise the Benefits
  • Close a Programme
  • Programme Office
  • Communicate and envision for better future

Section 4

  • Tips and Tricks for MSP® Foundation Exam
  • MSP® Foundation Exam
  • Summary and Next Steps

MSP® Foundation & Practitioner Schedules

Course Name Duration Dates Price
MSP® Foundation & Practitioner 5 days Bristol
23-10-2017 £1995.00
MSP® Foundation & Practitioner 5 days Birmingham
23-10-2017 £1995.00
MSP® Foundation & Practitioner 5 days Reading
23-10-2017 £1995.00
MSP® Foundation & Practitioner 5 days London
30-10-2017 £1995.00
MSP® Foundation & Practitioner 5 days Dublin
30-10-2017 £2495.00
MSP® Foundation & Practitioner 5 days London
06-11-2017 £1995.00
MSP® Foundation & Practitioner 5 days Cardiff
06-11-2017 £2495.00
MSP® Foundation & Practitioner 5 days Edinburgh
06-11-2017 £1995.00
MSP® Foundation & Practitioner 5 days Liverpool
06-11-2017 £1995.00
MSP® Foundation & Practitioner 5 days Milton Keynes
06-11-2017 £1995.00