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In an organisation, change is essential as it brings in new technologies and methodologies to work that improve the way a company functions thereby bringing in more profits. However,  change brings with it a lot of challenges as well and how to manage these challenges is a challenge in itself. Professionals who are equipped with such a knowledge are most sought after. Pearce Mayfield provides the change related courses for such professionals. At Pearce Mayfield, we ensure the delegates get the required skills for managing change in the organisation not only in word but also in deed.

 APMG’s updated Change Management certification is affiliated with the Change Management Body of Knowledge. The syllabi contains knowledge regarding for upgrading the skills of the delegates both theoretically and practically. The candidates will obtain the knowledge in the following fields:

  • Change and the Individual
  • Change and the Organization
  • Communication and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Change Practice

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    Use Agile Techniques to Bring and Manage Change

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    Know how to Start Change Programs in an Organisation

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    Create Plans to Exchange Ideas To Bring About Change

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    Learn to Manage Change From Certified Trainers

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    Earn Higher Salaries after Course Completion

The course has no prerequisites, but delegates who have an experience of organisational change have add an edge to their qualification for this course.

The target audience for this course can be among the following :

  • Program and Project Managers
  • Business Managers
  • HR representatives
  • Any member of an team involved in an organisational change

Key Learning Points


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During the course, the candidates get to know the hereunder mentioned concepts:

  • Identify the Elements that effect Change
  • How does Change effect Individuals in a Business
  • Separate Various Organisation Ethnicities
  • What is the Effect of These Ethnicities on Change Process?
  • Select a Framework for Creating a Plan for Managing Change
  • Find and Analyse The Influence of Stakeholders on the Change Plan
  • Create and Realise a Communication Management Plan
  • Have an Qualified & Able Change Team

Course Overview

APMG must accredit an organisation before it can deliver The Change Management certification. Having passed both the Foundation and Practitioner exams candidates will have acquired the knowledge needed to receive CMI’s ACM (Foundation) accreditation. They offer successful candidates a simpler route to personal accreditation, with only the experience element to complete.

Besides the individual benefitting   from this training, even the organisation benefits. Not only does the personal benefit from the certification, it also helps the team though differently. During the course people learn about the various types of changes affecting the company, and also the professional approaches to support the efficient delivery of the company desired outcomes from each change enterprise.

The professionals can improve the deftness of the team by building on its capability and capacity to manage change. These professionals are also a great hand at mitigating the risk factors that relates to any kind of failed initiatives. These professionals also turn in handy while maintaining the loyalty of the employees and commitments made to them during the change period.

The Change Professionals also to work with the stakeholders in a change initiative. They further learn how to plan, execute and measure the effective communications required to build and maintain their engagement.

The delegates get to manage change during this course. The course introduces them to four different levels of change – in relation to the organisation, in relation to the individual, in relation to the communication and stakeholder commitment and finally to change management in practice.


 A closed book exam ,The Change Management Foundation has a duration of just 40 minutes. The candidates are required to answer 50 questions and also score a minimum of 50% marks for obtaining this certification. Bot the course and exam are accredited by the Agile Project Management Group.


Course Content

  • Change & Organisation
    • Learn The Needs for Organisations to Bring About Transformation
    • What is the effect on Design of Change Programmes?
  • Change in relation to the Organisation and the People
    • The Evaluation of Change Management
      • How Change Effects A Person?
      • It's Effects While Planning Change
      • Working with a “People Focused” Framework for Change Management Plan
      • What are the Main Roles in Supporting Change Process?
    • Education and Learning Support
      • The Learning Process
      • Recognising and Meeting The Learning Needs
      • Implications of Learning Styles While Designing Learning Interventions
  • Communication and Stakeholders’ Engagement
    • Stakeholder Plan
      • Identify and Analyse Stakeholders
      • Develop Change Management Foundation Effective Strategies
    • Communication and Commitment
      • The Theory of Effective Communication
      • Different Communication Channels and their use
      • Developing a Communications Plan
      • Monitoring and Evaluating The Effectiveness of a Communication
  • Change Management In Practice
    • Change Impact
      • Tools to Ensure A Comprehensive Change Management Plan
      • Change Readiness, Planning and Management
      • Increase The Level of Motivation to Change
      • Build Organisational Readiness to Change
      • Prepare for Resistance
  • Personal and Professional Management
    • Create Teams To Manage Change

Change Management Foundation Schedules

Course Name Duration Dates Price
Change Management Foundation 3 Days London
06-11-2017 £1295.00
Change Management Foundation 3 Days Manchester
13-11-2017 £1495.00
Change Management Foundation 3 Days London
20-11-2017 £1295.00
Change Management Foundation 3 Days Belfast
27-11-2017 £1695.00
Change Management Foundation 3 Days Liverpool
27-11-2017 £1695.00
Change Management Foundation 3 Days Newcastle
27-11-2017 £1495.00
Change Management Foundation 3 Days Sheffield
27-11-2017 £1795.00
Change Management Foundation 3 Days Southampton
04-12-2017 £1495.00
Change Management Foundation 3 Days London
04-12-2017 £1295.00
Change Management Foundation 3 Days Bristol
04-12-2017 £1395.00