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Developing a change management plan provides direction and purpose for change management programs but it is not possible that the same approach is useful for all. Every organisation requires a different strategy for managing change such that it is successful and bears profit. Each effects the individual who work in the company.  Change management plans are the diffrent approaches needed to achieve change given the unique situation of the project or initiative. We at Pentagon Training provide the delegates to learn and upgrade their skills with the Change Management courses by providing them with the relevant knowledge.

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    Using Agile Techniques Manage Change in an Oragnisation

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    Learn to Initiate Change Programs for your Organisation.

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    Develop Communication Plans To Bring About Change

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    Learn About Change Management and How to Implement it

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    Manage Change From APMG Certified Instructors

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    Earn Higher Salaries and Perks

The candidate needs to be Change Management Certified professional before appearing for the Change Management Re-Registration exam. Though not compulsary, it is still recommended that the delegates sit for the exam only after having receiving accredited training.

The target audience for this  course be from the list of following professionals:

  • Project Managers
  • System Managers
  • Business Managers
  • HR representatives

Key Learning Points




Tutor Support

Course Overview

APMG’s refreshed Change Management certification confirms with the Change Management Body of Knowledge. The new syllabus has a broad range of knowledge regarding the theory and practice of change management including:

  • change and the individual
  • change and the organization
  • Communicating with stakeholders
  • Practicing Change

The certification is delivered only by instutes that are accredited by the APMG. The candidate needs to pass just two exams – the Foundation and Certified  to acquire the vast expanse of knowledge required to possess the CMI’s ACM (Foundation) accreditation. Once the candidates gain this certification, they only need experience to move progressively on the path to Change Management.

Once the professionals receive a Change Management  certification, they can continuuue   to gain experience and update themselves. The Change Management Re-Registeration Exam allows the delegates to precisely do this. The delegates, however,  must upgrade their skills through this exam within 3 to 5 years of their original certification. Beyond that period of time, the delegates will have to register themselves from the very beginning.


  • Type of Exam : Open Book Multiple Choice
  • Questions : 2
  • Marks : 20 per question
  • Pass Percentile : 50% or 20 Marks
  • Time Duration : 90 minute

Change Management Re-Registration Schedules

Course Name Duration Dates Price
Change Management Re-Registration London
09-11-2017 £1295.00
Change Management Re-Registration Manchester
16-11-2017 £1495.00
Change Management Re-Registration London
23-11-2017 £1295.00
Change Management Re-Registration Birmingham
23-11-2017 £1495.00
Change Management Re-Registration Belfast
30-11-2017 £1695.00
Change Management Re-Registration Liverpool
30-11-2017 £1695.00
Change Management Re-Registration Newcastle
30-11-2017 £1495.00
Change Management Re-Registration Sheffield
30-11-2017 £1795.00
Change Management Re-Registration Southampton
07-12-2017 £1495.00
Change Management Re-Registration London
07-12-2017 £1295.00