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Cisco is a multinantional company based in San Jose (California), United States of America which develops, manufactures and sells networking equipment. Cisco also partners with WebEx,Jasper, and OpenDNS. Besides networking equipment Cisco has been showing considerable interest in the upcoming technology known as Internet of Things (IoT).Besides IoT,  Cisco of late has been inclined towards domain security, and energy management as well.

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    Better opportunities in the field of Networking

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    Rise in current salaries

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    Recruiters and Employers always on the lookout for Certified Professionals

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    Helps professionals to provide solutions for networking and system devices to their clients

Cisco Training Courses

Getting to Know CISCO Networks

Course FAQ'S

What is Cico Training?

A CISCO Training begins with a CCENT or Cisco Certified Entry Level Technician certification as a foundation to CISCO concepts. A CCENT is a required certification for doing CCNA or CCNP. A CCENT establishes a professional at an Associate-level. If a delegate does not posses the CCENT certification he / she can substitute it with a Cisco Certified Technician (CCT) certification as the stepping stone. Duriing this training the skills of a professional keep on rising as they cover up CCNA and CCNP certifications. Technicians with a CCNA or CCNP certification are required to identify, fix, and substitute critical Cisco networking and system devices at client locations.

Why Cisco Training?

New oppurtunities open up for CISCO professionals after obtaining the certifications and they even experience a rise in their current salaries.Employers prefer CISCO certified professionals to handle their networks.

What are the benefits of Cisco Training?

A CISCO training provides various benefits to the delegates such as:

  • Delegates gain access to various multi-media web-based applications that are centred around earning and hands-on training of the delegates that helps them develop problem-solving skills.
  • The delegates get a shot at exciting careers in IT and the Internet.
  • Businesses can select from a large pool of skilled networking graduates with real time practical experience.

Why choose Pearce Mayfield?


Delegates choose to Pearce Mayfield to get trained as Pearce Mayfield is known to be one of the best training Provider in all domains. The delegates are imparted the knowledge at Pearce Mayfield from Certified Trainers who also have Practical Experience. Interactive sessions during the course help remove the candidates doubts and make them ready to solve any problems they may face – theoretically or practically – once they are involved in real time situations.

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